10 Tips for Growing Out a Fringe – Without Going Nuts

10 Tips for Growing Out a Fringe – Without Going Nuts

The only thing wrong with having a hairstyle that includes bangs or a fringe is growing that fringe out when you decide on a change. At first it’s not too bad, but once it gets down to eye level it tends to drive you nuts. Hair dangling in your eyes not only irritates them – and you – it makes you look messy. So how can you grow out that fringe without it driving you insane? Here are 10 tips to help.

  • Part your hair to one side, comb it forward, then flick it to the opposite side of your parting, merging the longer and shorter hair.
  • If your hair is naturally fine, try getting a perm on large rollers to give it more body, then that fine fringe will be more likely to stay where you put it.
  • Use dry shampoo to give your hair body so the fringe stays out of your eyes.
  • Using accessories to keep an overlong fringe off your forehead can work well. A scarf folded into a wide headband and tied under the hair at the back suits many people. Wide or narrow elastic headbands come in many colours.
  • Attractive clips or pins can keep the shorter hair to one side.

  • Part your hair in the middle and sweep your fringe equally to each side, keeping it in place with clips.
  • Once the fringe is a little longer, plait or braid it in with longer hair and twist it to one side. Use one or two braids.
  • Make several thin plaits, pull them back and clip them all to the top of your head. This can look quite attractive if you add beads. It’s easier to do if you use gel or hairspray to glue all the fine strands together first.
  • Use lightweight styling products that have good holding properties and include all your hair otherwise your fringe will look stiff compared with the rest of your locks.
  • Having your hair trimmed by the hairdresser will help the short parts to merge more successfully with your chosen style.

Patience is the key to growing out bangs. Remember back to when you had that fringe and had to have it cut so often to keep it the length you wanted? It’s still growing that fast now, even though you may feel as if it has stopped altogether.

If nothing seems to work and you are feeling desperate, wet your hair, comb it all back and don a cap or a hat; one that is a close fit. But don’t take it off until you get back home because your fringe will look kind of messy by then.