10 Unique Ideas For What To Do With A Loved One’s Ashes

When funeral directors arrange multicultural funerals that are to be a cremation rather than a burial, once the proceedings have been concluded, having been asked by the deceased’s loved ones, they will arrange for the ashes of that individual to be delivered to or collected by that family.

At this point, funeral directors might be asked by the deceased’s family how they can scatter the ashes of their loved one. Thankfully, due to their many years of experience, funeral directors will have no shortage of ideas they can offer, some traditional and others less so, often bordering on the bizarre.

If you require suggestions for what to do with a loved one’s ashes or are pre-planning for your own funeral and looking for something different from the norm, below are ten options we hope you will consider. One point we must make is that some might seem inappropriate or insensitive; however, for many individuals, these will be done as part of their wishes when they pre-planned their funeral arrangements.

Turn Ashes Into Jewellery

You have a couple of options here. The simplest is to purchase lockets specially designed for carrying ashes and then give one to each of the deceased’s closest family and friends so that they are with them always. The other is companies specialising in turning ashes into diamonds and creating jewellery items such as pendants or earrings.

Add Ashes To A Glass Sculpture Or Other Artwork

A great way to have a loved one close by at all times is to have their ashes incorporated into a glass sculpture. Also, some artists will add ashes to their oil paints and then paint a painting, such as a portrait from a photograph of the deceased.

Create A Tattoo With Them

You could not have your loved one any closer to you than them being on your skin. That is achieved by visiting a tattoo artist who will add some ashes to their ink and then create a tattoo of your choice, such as an image of your loved one.

Scatter Them At Sea

For loved ones who loved the ocean and everything that goes with it, what could be more appropriate than scattering their ashes at sea? Just check the local beach and coastal regulations first.

Place Them With Other Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Those who might already have the ashes of another loved one in their garden, such as under a rose bush, could have the loved one whose ashes you now have to join them. This way, they could always be together. Alternatively, most cemeteries can bury ashes in the burial plot of another loved one.

Take Them On An Amazing  Trip

The options for this are almost limitless. If your loved one had a favourite country, always wanted to visit a famous landmark, or loved travelling, grant them the chance to do so again by taking their ashes with you on a trip.

Blast Them Into The Night Sky

This is for colourful characters who pre-plan their funeral and love the spectacular. Specialist fireworks companies will manufacture fireworks that contain ashes so you can get the family together and see your loved one quite literally go out with a bang.

Store Them A Cuddly Toy

It is not just children who love cuddly toys; adults do, too. This is why an excellent way to keep a loved one’s ashes close is by placing them in a cuddly toy, or several, if you want other family members to have one, too. This is something those who have lost children find a comforting way to keep their child’s ashes near.

Scatter Them In Their Favourite Sports Arena

Did your loved one have a favourite sports team? If so, speak to that club or team about the possibility of scattering their ashes on the pitch within the team’s stadium.

Send Them Into Space

We often look upwards when thinking of those departed, and now it has become a reality that they can be up there, at least for a few moments.  This is due to companies using high-altitude balloons to take ashes urns up to the edge of space. There, the urn disintegrates, allowing the ashes to fall to earth gently.