Can A Stepparent Legally Adopt A Child?

Can A Stepparent Legally Adopt A Child?

It is a common scenario that one of the parents who care for a child is not their birth parent but a stepparent. There may come a time, that having discussed the matter with their other parent, and the child, that they wish to legally adopt their step-child, and this is when their family lawyers are most likely going to be required to advise, and represent them, given that it can be a complex process. The first thing that needs to be established is whether or not the stepparent who wishes to adopt their stepchild is actually eligible to do so. The legal requirement and eligibility rules relating to stepparent adoption are laid out in the Family Law Act of 1975. Before a family court will even consider an application for stepparent adoption, there are three basic questions that must be answered.  The first and overriding requirement is that if the adoption takes place, it must be in the best interests of the child. For anyone who has studied or encountered family law, they will have undoubtedly known that whenever a child is involved in any way in family court matters, all decisions will normally have this as the primary part of the consideration. The second consideration is whether the child's biological parent is no longer has any active role in their life. For example, they could have abandoned their family some years ago, or have chosen to live in another country without any contact with the child. (more…)

5 Myths About Divorce You Must Not Believe

5 Myths About Divorce You Must Not Believe

Whenever family lawyers meet with a client there will be many things they need to discuss. There is obviously the divorce and no doubt the client will have several questions which they need to ask. In addition, the divorce lawyer may have to dismiss many of the assumptions and misunderstandings that their client may have about the whole process. Some of this will understandably be due to the fact that most clients are not experts on divorce law, otherwise, they would be sitting on the opposite side of the table. In addition, there can undoubtedly be elements of the client's beliefs about divorce that have sprung up due to some of the many myths that surround it. Many of these myths get passed from friend to friend and relative to relative, no doubt in a spirit of trying to help, but they actually achieve the opposite by sowing the seeds of doubt and worry. Another reason myths can occur is due to the media that we see on our television and online. These can include movies that use dramatic license to create legal and courtroom scenarios that bear little relationship to the real thing. One point about movies is that we get many of them from Hollywood which being in the USA will base their storylines on American law and the legal system as it applies to divorce there. The differences between how divorce is enacted in the USA and Australia are significant, so again this can lead to confusion and concern thinking that what happens in a movie is going to happen here. So, in order to try to eliminate some of the concerns people have about divorce, we are going to dispel 5 of the most common myths about divorce in Australia. (more…)

What Does Annulment Of A Marriage Mean

What Does Annulment Of A Marriage Mean

When some people hear that a marriage has been annulled, some of them simply assume that it is a fancy word for divorce and means exactly the same. However, were you to approach a divorce lawyer at to ask them to help you get your marriage annulled, the process, legalities, and criteria surrounding it would be completely different from those that apply to a divorce. For a start whilst the legal framework that applies to both divorce and annulment is laid out within the Family Law Act of 1975, if you were to look them up in the Act, you would find several significant differences. For a start, the legal document that certifies that a marriage has been annulled is called a Decree of Nullity. What that decree will state is that the marriage in question did not exist legally and regardless of whether a bride walked down the aisle in a white dress, a wedding service took place, and confetti was thrown, the marriage is void, and in the eyes of the law, never existed. To some, this might sound confusing given that there may even have been officials present conducting the marriage, but the point here is that even though they may have genuinely believed that they were conducting a legitimate marriage ceremony, there were one or more reasons why it was not actually a legal marriage. (more…)

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Axe Throwing

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Axe Throwing

If you have never heard of axe throwing, then you may be surprised to learn it is a hugely popular pastime, and a highly competitive sport. Axe throwing centres are fast becoming the place to go for an enjoyable get-together and chance to show your friends and family just how accurate your axe throwing skills are. The concept is extremely simple in that there is a wooden target with concentric circles, and you score more points the closer your axe is to the centre when you throw.  Think of it a bit like darts, but with more street cred. There are many benefits to axe throwing, and to give you some incentive to give it a go, here are 5 of them. #1 Physical Exercise. It might not be on the same level as marathon running, but axe throwing does take a reasonable degree of physical exertion. The axes have weight to them with the smaller ones weighing around 800 grammes, and the larger ones used in some competitions weighing up to 1.5 kilograms. Add to that the fact that you have to pull your arm back in order to then throw your axe, you will soon appreciate that there is a reasonable degree of physical effort required. What's certain is that after you have thrown that axe several times, you will have burnt off plenty of calories. (more…)

How You Know Your Child Might Have a Language Disorder

If someone has ever recommended that your child see an expert in speech pathology, then you might be quite confused by what they mean. If your child doesn’t have problems with stuttering or pronunciation, then how can they need to see a speech pathologist? You may be surprised to know that communication goes beyond just speaking, and speech pathology can be a way in which to help children with many disabilities. Read on to learn what indicators may be present to identify a language disorder, and why a speech expert could be of assistance. How to Define a Language Disorder You can define a language disorder as having trouble expressing your thoughts vocally, or finding it problematic to understand what other people are saying. Speech, reading, and writing all form part of a language disorder, with treatment options depending on what that disorder is. Language disorders can go hand in hand with other conditions, such as developmental disabilities, autism, and ADHD. What Does a Language Disorder Look Like? According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), a language disorder can be broken down into:

  • Phonology
  • Syntax and Morphology
  • Semantics
  • Pragmatics
  • Social, emotional, and behavioural considerations
Phonology relates to problems with early speech, limited phonological awareness (rhyming, blending), limited vocalisation compared to same-age peers, and difficulties with speech sound. Morphology and syntax, on the other hand, refers to errors with verbs and pronouns, trouble with grammar, and challenges relating to complex sentences, among other things. Children with language disorders may also find it challenging to play and relate to peers, comprehend social situations, and contribute in classroom environments. What Can a Speech Pathologist Do? A language disorder should always be diagnosed by an experienced professional, so the first step for any worried parent should be their child’s GP. If they have concerns, they may refer the parent to a speech pathologist to intervene and provide a diagnosis and treatment options. How someone in speech pathology can help depends on the age of the child and the severity of the language disorder, not to mention whether any other disabilities and conditions may play a part. (more…)

How To Cope With Backache From Sitting In An Office Chair All Day

Backache If you have to sit in an office chair for long hours at a time you may be a web designer.  If you are not to get a backache, it’s important to ensure your chair is a good fit for you. Even ergonomic chairs will not prevent a backache if they are not of the right dimensions for you. Tall people need a chair that is larger than one a short person would find comfortable. Often, even though the chair fits and the desk is the right height, people who sit for many hours a day can still end up with a backache. This can be due to any number of factors. In fact, if the computer monitor is not directly in front of you, a neck and backache can develop from the angle of your neck and head. Even though you may only need to turn slightly, when you have to hold that position for a long time, it can put a strain on your neck and spine. If you have a backache at the end of the day – or before – try these few healthy living tips to alleviate it.

  • Place a cushion at your lower back for more support
  • Get up more frequently, stretch and walk about
  • Sit on a cushion with a coccyx cut-out at the back to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • Try and keep your back straight rather than slumping
  • Use a chair with padded armrests to ease shoulder and upper back pain
  • Stretch your arms above your head at random times throughout the day
  • Move your head gently from side to side every so often
  • Inscribe circles with your shoulders to ease stiffness in the upper back
  • Make sure your feet are firmly on the floor and the top half of your legs are horizontal, not sloping either up or down.
  • If nothing else works, try a different kind of chair

8 Wedding Tips for the Groom

wedding-tips-for-the-groom Wedding tips for the bride are available by the thousands, but for the groom? Not so much. This is a major problem, because many grooms-to-be, do next to nothing to support and help their fiancée with things like bridesmaid gifts and wedding arrangements etc. So grooms, don’t be a wimp, but get in there and have a say about the wedding hire arrangements and other things to do with the wedding. Your fiancée will be relieved to know you can shoulder your share of the responsibilities of ensure your wedding reception is terrific. Here are some tips to help the groom before the wedding.

  • Choose a few things that interest you and take responsibility for arranging them – in consultation with your wife to be, of course. The wedding DJ, sound system, music, food are all good for guys to handle.
  • Expect to have a say in your future home as well as the wedding. Your wife may love an all-pink bedroom, but it’s time for each of you to meet halfway on that if you hate it.
  • The bride seems to do most of the wedding planning and this can lead to stress, overload and even a grudge against you for letting her. So make sure you do nice things such as cooking her a meal and cleaning up afterwards, letting her choose her favourite movie – or renting one you know she’ll love to watch and watching it with her. You could even give her a foot massage. Let her know that all the planning and work is really worthwhile.

Grandparents Rights after Divorce

Grandparents Rights One major casualty after divorce is the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.  Most grandparents are passionate about their grandchildren and being deprived of any rights to see them is very hurtful and painful to both them and their grandchildren. Happily, Robinson Family Lawyers will tell you that you have rights to see your grandchildren after their parents’ divorce. Divorce is never an easy time and it is difficult not to take sides when you are close to the situation. Sometimes, parents of each spouse are very opinionated about the relationship and don’t hesitate to make their views known. It is this as much as anything that can make the custodial parent want to eliminate any visiting rights for the grandparents. But in doing so they harm their children, who often need that extra love and understanding once they have to live without a parent they love. If the grandparents are from a different culture, depriving the children of enjoying interaction with them can deprive them of important aspects of their heritage.  Even if they are from the same culture, grandparents do now have certain rights with regards to seeing their beloved grandchildren. (more…)

How to Treat Your Home Business Professionally

Home-Business Many people set up a business at home both for convenience and cost-savings. You can easily convert a spare room into an office or workroom for your business, but just because you are running it from home doesn’t mean it should not be professional and that can include having a website. If you want your business website to stand out and be successful, use a digital agency to design, create and advertise it, just like any other professional business would. The mistake many people make with their home business is to put too much emphasis on the ‘home’ part. Just because you run your business from home doesn’t mean you should sit there in your PJs, not open for business on time, or go surfing whenever you feel like it. Nor does it mean you should allow your website to be anything but professional. No other business or prospective customers will take you or your business seriously unless you do. (more…)

The Downsides of Working From Home – and How to Address Them

Working-From-Home If you work from home you are very likely to be using your computer a great deal. You could be an business consultant, or perhaps you’re a writer. Working from home has a great many benefits, not least being that you can save on renting an office and travelling and also be there for your family. In fact, having some kind of home business is ideal for many people. However, if you work from home you may have realised there are downsides too. These must be addressed in order to make your business as well as your life, successful. Here are some of them.

  • It is very easy to put in longer hours at a home business because you don’t need to leave the office at the end of the day. Working can become addictive to the point you neglect your relationships even though you live and work in the same home as your family.  You may just want to finish that website or do a little more research into keywords and the next thing you know the children are all in bed and so is your spouse. You need to make a cut-off point for work and stick to it.

The Importance of Childcare after Divorce

Childcare-after-DivorceAccording well know family law firm Robertson Hayles, if your relationship has broken down irretrievably and you’ve applied for divorce, family lawyers will no doubt have told you what the law is concerning your children. While it is easy to get a divorce these days with no one having to prove fault, if there are minor children of the marriage, a divorce won’t be given unless you can prove that proper arrangements have been made for their care. While you may think this seems silly, in these days of much drug-taking it cannot be certain that either parent is fit to take care of children, especially while they are toddlers. At least older children can get a meal for themselves, but of course, childcare is much more than looking after a child’s physical needs. So the judge has to make sure that one of the parents is a suitable carer, or that other satisfactory arrangements have been made for the children. (more…)