Smith Becomes ASFSA President on Last Day of Conference

Are you looking for best practices to model your foodservice program after? Look to Polk County Schools and Marcia Smith for ideas. Do you need expert advice or comments on school foodservice and nutrition? Marcia Smith has plenty to say on the subject. Tell Marcia Smith you’ve popped a button and don’t be surprised that she has a sewing kit in her purse.

Is she Wonder Woman? Not as far as we know, but Marcia L. Smith, Ph.D., SFNS, isthe newly inaugurated President of the American School Food Service Association (ASFSA).

On July 18, during the Closing General Session of ASFSA’s 55th Annual National Conference, ASFSA Past President Marilyn Hurt, SFNS, handed over the Association’s leadership to Marcia Smith, SFNS. Over the next year, Smith will lead the Association under the theme, “Caring for Communities We Serve.”

Smith’s main objective will be to encourage school foodservice professionals to look beyond their cafeteria or office walls and look at the greater community of which they are a part — whether it’s a school, city, state, nation or the World. She stresses that a community is more than a neighborhood — it’s a group of people who are united by common characteristics or interests and share a unique bond.

During 2001-2002, ASFSA, led by Smith and the 2001-2002 Executive Board, will strive to reach eight main goals in the following focus areas:

  • Advocacy/Public Policy
  • Outreach
  • Image/Public Recognition
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources

Smith’s year in office marks the first year of a three-year strategic plan for the Association which maps out ASFSA’s goals and objectives to achieve its mission: “To advance good nutrition for all children.”

Marcia L. Smith, Ph.D., SFNS, has been Foodservice Director for Polk County Schools (FL) since 1983. In her role as director, she oversees an annual budget of $27 million. Smith is ASFSA Certified and has also earned the designation, School Foodservice and Nutrition Specialist. She received her Ph.D. from Kennedy Western University and her MBA from Webber University. Smith is also an active member of the Florida School Food Service Association.

For more information on ASFSA Governance, please visit the Members Only section. Not a member? Visit Join ASFSA to see how you can become a part of ASFSA.

Other events on the final day of ANC included:

  • David Rosengarten
    David Rosengarten brought his energy, excitement and enjoyment for every type of food with him to the Closing General Session of ANC. Rosengarten is a leader in the foodservice industry, earning the titles journalist, author, restaurant critic, teacher and TV chef. ANC attendees experienced up close and personal what home viewers get to hear every week from Rosengarten on his shows, “Taste” and “In Food Today” on The Food Network.
  • Member Section Meetings
    The morning of the last day of ANC is dedicated to bringing together the different member sections of ASFSA to share and learn about their common intersts. In response to attendee comments, the Foodservice Employees and Managers section (the largest member group) enjoyed a new meeting format. In the morning the entire section met together for a session titled, “Snack for the Soul: Ten Treats to Survive in a Crazy World!” with Paul Wesselman. After the initial plenary session, the group broke down further. The managers continued with Paul Wesselman and learned about “GREAT Expectations: Five Actions for Success in Work & Life.” The employees who went on to learn about how to “Help Your Body Win — No Fear Aging” with foodservice director and professional trainer Fred Schafer. The new format offered an exciting opportunity for members to network with peers and gain great insights on work and life.
  • Farewell Event at Smiley Hollow
    Their feet may have been tired and their hair and clothes a little damp, but ANC attendees ended the Conference in true country fashion at Smiley Hollow. Attendees enjoyed great Southern cookin’, multiple bands and dance floors, and a variety of games and activities at this hoe-down. Did you happen to see members running along flipping rubber eggs with a frying pan? Did you catch a glimps of carefully crafted aprons hanging in one of the tents? State teams competed in these contests and more for the rights to call themselves the Grand Prize Winner of the 2001 Country Fair Games. This year, there was a three-way tie for first place among Washington, Mississippi and Arizona. Each state will receive a certificate for $100 off one registration for next year’s ANC in Minneapolis, Minn. A complete list of competition results will be posted in Members only later this month.
  • Education Sessions
    During the past four days, ANC attendees had the opportunity to go to over 100 education sessions designed around 7 tracks — administration, human resources, leadership, nutrition, operations, outreach & marketing an technology. The tracks mirror ASFSA’s Keys to Excellence and are designed to help ASFSA member maintain their professional edge. For information on the Keys or the ASFSA Certification and Credentialing Programs please see Related Links.

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