Golden Rules for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Everyone woman wants beautiful hair, but often the promises in those TV ads for shampoo and conditioner just don’t make good.  If you tend to have lots of bad hair days, here are some beauty tips for healthy hair that may improve the look and feel of it and reduce those bad hair days when you feel like tearing it out and wearing a wig instead.

  • One good rule is to stop washing your hair every day. This only encourages your scalp to produce ever more oils to prevent damage to the hair and so you feel like washing it even more.  Stop this cycle by reducing your shampoos to no more than twice a week.
  • Use only top quality shampoo and conditioners without any toxic ingredients, or make your own at home.
  • If your hair is coloured or permed, don’t wash it too often as this will dry it out.
  • If your hair seems to be getting more and more dry, changing the shampoo and conditioner often helps. This is because shampoos especially are not all created equal. Some work on a specific type of oil and others work in some other way, so change products occasionally.
  • Use leave in conditioners and other products to nourish your hair.
  • Have your hair professionally styled and cut often.

  • Straight hair will probably need washing more often than curly hair as the oil covers it more quickly.
  • If your head and hair get sweaty, you can rinse it with warm water every day without using shampoo. That way the oils won’t be stripped out of it.
  • When drying with a blow dryer, don’t get too close to the hair as this will damage it.
  • Try dry shampoo that will freshen your hair up without stripping the oil out. You can even leave it in for more volume.
  • Let hair dry naturally whenever possible and limit the use of heated appliances such as straighteners, on it . If your hair is long, start at the tips with brushing or combing and work your way gradually to the roots. This saves having a lot of tangles.
  • If you hair is frizzy, try using a filter in the shower that removes chlorine as it does have that effect on hair.
  • Choose ammonia free products, especially when colouring your hair as this can make it go dull and harsh.
  • Have your hair trimmed frequently if you have dry or split ends.

Once you get used to taking care of your hair properly you will find it is a simple and easy routine.  It is important to find out whether your hair is oily or dry before using some of the above tips.