5 Ways You Can Benefit From Axe Throwing

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Axe Throwing

If you have never heard of axe throwing, then you may be surprised to learn it is a hugely popular pastime, and a highly competitive sport. Axe throwing centres are fast becoming the place to go for an enjoyable get-together and chance to show your friends and family just how accurate your axe throwing skills are.

The concept is extremely simple in that there is a wooden target with concentric circles, and you score more points the closer your axe is to the centre when you throw.  Think of it a bit like darts, but with more street cred. There are many benefits to axe throwing, and to give you some incentive to give it a go, here are 5 of them.

#1 Physical Exercise.

It might not be on the same level as marathon running, but axe throwing does take a reasonable degree of physical exertion. The axes have weight to them with the smaller ones weighing around 800 grammes, and the larger ones used in some competitions weighing up to 1.5 kilograms.

Add to that the fact that you have to pull your arm back in order to then throw your axe, you will soon appreciate that there is a reasonable degree of physical effort required. What’s certain is that after you have thrown that axe several times, you will have burnt off plenty of calories.

#2 It Is A Skill You Can Learn

As with any activity that requires a level of skill, you are unlikely to hit the dead centre of the target repeatedly on your first visit. However, that does not mean that if you persist, go axe throwing regularly, and seek to improve, that you will not become a lot more accurate, to the point that you may even look to enter some local axe throwing competitions.

Most axe throwing centres have coaching sessions for those who wish to improve, so if you wish to accelerate your learning of the sport and the throwing techniques you should use, and more importantly,  improve your ability, then this is the route to go down.

#3 It Is A Great Way To Unwind

Ever got to the end of a working day and been wound up like a coiled spring? Everything that could have wrong has today, and now your stressed out to the max? Well, we can think of no better way of relieving all that pent up stress than axe throwing. Just think of the release of tension as you throw a lethal weapon at the target. You can even scream at the top of your voice as you throw. YEEESSSSS! Now, doesn’t that feel better?!!?

#4 Become A Competitor

For those with a real competitive streak, not only do you get the chance to beat your friends and family when you play socially, but if you wish to take it a stage further there are many ways you can enter axe throwing competitions. Most centres have tournaments and leagues which you can compete in, and who knows, maybe you might have to buy a larger trophy cabinet before too long.

#5 It Is Simply Great Fun

If you do not have a competitive steak, get all the exercise you need already, and do not need anything to de-stress, then you can simply use axe throwing as a fun activity which you enjoy with friends and family. It is different from the norm, but that makes it even more exciting so go look for your nearest axe throwing centre and get started.