7 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Car Hire Service

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Car Hire Service

One of the most important matters that need to be arranged when a wedding is being planned is the wedding cars. Whether it is just one for the bride, or a whole fleet for the entire family, hiring wedding cars is not just a case of picking up the phone and calling for one as you would with a taxi.

You want to plan well ahead because if you find the ideal wedding cars, you do not want to delay booking them otherwise you could end up disappointed if another engaged couple gets in there before you. Beyond this, you want to take care when hiring your wedding cars to ensure that they contribute to making your special day perfect, and to help you achieve that here are seven top tips for choosing the right wedding car service.

Tip #1 – Start Searching And Planning As Early As Possible

The sooner you decide upon a wedding date and the locations where the service and reception take place, the better. Not only will this help the overall planning, but it means you can start searching for your wedding cars without further delay.

Tip #2 – Seek Referrals, Recommendations, And Wedding Car Hire Companies With Top Reviews

If you have attended weddings of friends and family and were impressed with the wedding cars they had,  ask them who they used and if they recommend them. Also, look online for reviews and testimonials of the top-rated wedding car services in your area.

Tip #3 – Decide How Many People Are Going To Travel

Other than the bride and her father (or the person giving her away), you need to decide who else you are going to hire a wedding car for. You may decide none, or you might choose to have a whole fleet of them, but either way, make your decision so you know how many cars you need to hire.

Tip #4 – Decide Which Style Of Car Will Suit Your Wedding Themes/Colours

With the wedding dress and the colour scheme for items such as flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other decorations decided, it should make it easier to choose your wedding cars. Of course, you have a free choice limited only by what models are currently available for hire.

Tip #5 – Ask About Driver Experience/Safety Records

An essential element of your hiring wedding cars is the drivers who will be driving them. For reassurance, we recommend that you ask about the wedding hire services’ drivers and their individual experience and driving safety records.

Tip #6 – Ask Plenty Of Questions To Establish Exactly What The Wedding Car Service Includes

As well as driving the cars, the driver may also be required to perform other duties such as laying a red carpet before you exit the car, for example. The included services may differ from company to company so ensure you ask what is included, and what may cost extra, such as a bottle of champagne in the car.

Tip #7 – Request Written Quotations From More Than One Company

Once you have narrowed down your choice to three or four wedding car hire companies, and you are satisfied they can all provide the cars and the services you desire, then request each of them provides you with a written quotation, including the cost of any extras just in case you decide to add them. Choose the company which you believe offers the best value for money, rather than simply choosing the cheapest.