8 Wedding Tips for the Groom


Wedding tips for the bride are available by the thousands, but for the groom? Not so much. This is a major problem, because many grooms-to-be, do next to nothing to support and help their fiancée with things like bridesmaid gifts and wedding arrangements etc. So grooms, don’t be a wimp, but get in there and have a say about the wedding hire arrangements and other things to do with the wedding. Your fiancée will be relieved to know you can shoulder your share of the responsibilities of ensure your wedding reception is terrific.

Here are some tips to help the groom before the wedding.

  • Choose a few things that interest you and take responsibility for arranging them – in consultation with your wife to be, of course. The wedding DJ, sound system, music, limos, food are all good for guys to handle.
  • Expect to have a say in your future home as well as the wedding. Your wife may love an all-pink bedroom, but it’s time for each of you to meet halfway on that if you hate it.
  • The bride seems to do most of the wedding planning and this can lead to stress, overload and even a grudge against you for letting her. So make sure you do nice things such as cooking her a meal and cleaning up afterwards, letting her choose her favourite movie – or renting one you know she’ll love to watch and watching it with her. You could even give her a foot massage. Let her know that all the planning and work is really worthwhile.

  • Keep the peace between your fiancée and your mother by not allowing her to take over the wedding arrangements. This is your wedding not hers, no matter how excited she is. That said, don’t exclude her entirely.
  • When it comes to your fiancée’s mum, be careful in what you say. It’s okay for your future wife to complain about her mother, but not for you. Got it?
  • Take over the tux arrangements. You are the groom; it’s up to you to make sure your groomsmen all know when, where and how they are to get their suits fitted and picked up – and for that matter, returned afterwards. Give them a map to the place, a time and a date – email makes it easy. Keep your fiancée in the loop so she doesn’t worry about yet another job.
  • Choose people you can trust to be responsible for important jobs such as bringing the ring to the wedding.

On the morning of your wedding, take time to send flowers or a gift with a card to your fiancée, telling her how much you love her and appreciate all she has done.  It is thoughtful gestures like these that keep the love flowing.