How Can My Choice Of Pool Fence Impact My Overall Garden Design?

How Can My Choice Of Pool Fence Impact My Overall Garden Design

Designing the right garden and yard space to suit your lifestyle can be difficult, but it’s certainly possible – especially if you work with a professional landscape designer. The first thing you need to consider is any large elements such as swimming pools or pool fencing that will influence your whole landscape design.

Different pool fencing styles are suited to different landscape designs. For example, glass pool fencing from places like Clear Az Glass are probably most suited to open areas and well manicured gardens. On the other hand, something like tubular metal pool fencing usually works best with gardens that benefit from being separated into sections.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at a few of the ways that the pool fence that you choose can influence the landscape design an expert landscape designers can produce.

Your Pool Fence Could Dictate Your Colour Scheme

Unless you have a relatively large backyard with numerous landscaping elements, your pool fence will be one of the most obvious parts of your garden. This means that the colour of your pool fence will play a big part in determining the colour and style of many of the other elements of your landscape.

One of the things that makes glass fences so popular is that they are relatively flexible. This means that they can be used with pretty much any other landscaping style or colour scheme. Glass is clear, and most glass fences are secured with stainless steel or aluminium fittings that are compatible with most landscaping styles.

Your Pool Fence Will Affect The Lighting Of Your Yard

It’s important to consider the placement of different lighting elements in your yard when you’re constructing your landscape design blueprint, especially if you live in an area which is already somewhat shaded.

Different pool fences allow different amounts of light through, which means that you need to think carefully about their design and placement. A lot of people favour glass pool fences because they effectively open your yard up. They create minimal shading, and allow your entire yard to be brightened by natural light.

The Placement Of Your Pool Fence Will Impact Your Gardens

The type of pool fence that you decide to use will largely dictate the placement of the fence with respect to other landscaping elements. Australian laws are very strict when it comes to pool fencing, which means that some types of fence will be constrained with regards to where they can be built.

Glass fencing is a great choice for people who like gardening, purely because of the fact that it will open your garden space up and let more light in.

Final Word

If you’re thinking about designing and building a new swimming pool fence, you need to keep the rest of your landscape design in mind. Since pool fences are so big and obvious, their design will influence the design of the rest of your garden and other outdoor spaces.