How Professional Website Design Can Boost The Rankings And Revenue Of Your Life Coaching Business

How Professional Website Design Can Boost The Rankings And Revenue Of Your Life Coaching Business

If your life coaching business has a website that seems to contribute nothing, you are missing out on an opportunity to expand your business with the help of Google. A website can play a huge role in how well a business ranks on Google, and as the professionals at will advise you, a poor design can have the opposite effect.

The mistake which many business owners make is that they believe that the appearance of their website is all-important, to the detriment of everything else. Whilst you obviously want your website to look as good as it can, focussing on that and ploughing all your resources into the visual elements of your website, could bring no rewards whatsoever.

One thing to know is that Google cannot assess how good or bad a website looks. In other words, Google’s bot do not see your high-definition images, your colourful graphics and what is being spoken about on any videos. However, within the coding of your website there will be indicators as to what each page, and the website as a whole, is about.

You could actually have a website that is not particularly appealing visually, but it could still outrank one which does, simply because the structure and the programming used to create it is better optimised for SEO.

The point we are making is that when you ask a professional website design agency to build a website for your life coaching business they will build it with a view to meeting all the criteria required for a website to rank, how it appears and functions, and for it convert as highly as possible.

Where some of these elements crossover are with respect to the visual design and the content which appears within a website as they can affect SEO, user experience and whether someone takes action, such as a purchase or entering their email for more information.

An example of this is when someone searches on Google, if your website is one which appears in the results and the person clicks through to it, Google monitors their behaviour. The sort of things they look at is whether they clicked away immediately, how long they remained on the website and how many pages they visited.

A well-designed website that loads quickly, has great content, and looks appealing will means that your SEO is boosted as Google’s data tells it the user experience is good. If this seems to happen time and again Google will be inclined to move your website further up their search results, and that has the potential to significantly increase the amount of traffic visiting your website.

For example, the top three positions on any Google search results receive approximately 55% of all the clicks through to the respective websites, and if your SEO is good enough to get you to the #1 position, you will receive almost 30% of all the traffic that comes from it. This is a huge incentive to ensure your website’s design is aiding your SEO efforts and moving your ranking up.

In terms of increased revenue, obviously additional traffic should help that. More to the point, a prospect is much likely to purchase something or at least take action within your sales funnel on a well-designed website they like rather than one which they do not due to issues such as poor content, error messages or slow loading pages, all of which would be eradicated on a website which has been professionally designed.