How to Reduce Your Pain Pills

How to Reduce Your Pain Pills

It is a well-known fact that laughing triggers release of endorphins – feel good chemicals that help to relieve pain, hence reduces need for pain pills. Some people go without laughter in their life, especially if they have a serious personality. But you can help your friends all have fun and laugh by adding a photo booth to your party or wedding reception.

With the addition of this great piece of technology you and your friends will find many ways to dress up and take funny photos and you are sure to end up in fits of laughter while doing it. Not only will you all have a great deal of fun, you will learn that laughing makes you feel really good inside. Those chemicals called endorphins that have been released through laughing will also take away a great deal of pain and so alleviate the need for taking so many pain pills.

If anyone is in pain on a daily basis due to things like injury or arthritis, then making sure they get plenty of laughter will help them to reduce the amount of pills they have to take for the pain. The trouble is, when you are in pain you don’t feel like laughing.  It is important then to do things that help you forget that pain and make you feel happy enough to laugh.  You could –

  • Watch funny movies or sitcoms on television
  • Read funny stories
  • Learn and tell funny jokes
  • Remember funny things that have happened in your life
  • Get your friends to tell about the funny things that have happened to them

  • Go and watch humorous stage plays
  • Find funny comics and pictures to look at
  • Make sure you are around people with a good sense of humour
  • Make friends with people in a place you enjoy going to, whether that’s the club, a park or beach or at a party.

Try to have a good laugh at least once every day and more if you can manage it. There are even more reasons to laugh for health. Laughing is known to –

  • Increase the natural killer cells that target tumours and viruses
  • Activate helper T-cells in the immune system
  • Increase immunoglobulin A that fights respiratory tract infections
  • Increase the hormone gamma interferon that fights virus and stimulates the immune system
  • Increase B cells near the lymph nodes which produce antibodies that fight harmful microorganisms
  • Increase a substance called ‘complement 3’ that acts as an aid to antibodies that pierce infected cells.

These effects of laughter are known to still be active the day after you’ve had a good laugh, but don’t leave it at that. By laughing often you will be lots healthier.