Important Points about Breast Implants


Many women turn to breast implants when they become dissatisfied with the size, shape or symmetry of their breasts. It is a good idea to be fully informed about everything to do with this surgical procedure before going ahead with the operation. To that end, here are some important points you should be aware of.

  • There are 3 possibilities when considering entry points for the implant. Under the armpit, under the breast or via the nipple. Much depends on the particular problem you are looking to overcome with the implant. Nipple insertion is only suitable for small implants. The once popular method of underarm insertion has now waned in favour of under the breast. The scar of the latter is hardly seen, while with the former it is easier to tear the sternum muscle and that can lead to other problems.
  • The polyurethane implant has now become very popular in the UK and Australia due to its many benefits including preventing hardening of the implant. However, much depends on the size and floppiness of the breast, as well as what problem is being treated.
  • It is essential for professionals to fully evaluate each patient before a breast implant is agreed to. This will be both physical and psychological.
  • Emotional stress is also a factor. If the patient is undergoing emotional stress, it is wise to postpone treatment for 6 months.

  • General fit is just as important as the size of the implant. Patients are asked to choose a size, but this may need to change at the last minute and the surgeon will need to choose the one that fits best.
  • The patient must realise that an implant will not make their breasts – or their life – perfect.
  • The patient is expected to not smoke or use drugs before the operation. They must be in good health to prevent complications.
  • There will be some swelling after the operation so the patient should not panic and think the inserts are too large.
  • In some cases patients think their implant is too small; this is because the tissue has not yet stretched to accommodate it. This will resolve in time.
  • Generally speaking the life of an implant is 10 years, though this may be reduced due to some kind of problem. The patient must realise that the first operation is rarely the last.

Once you know what to expect with your breast implants you will be more confident about going ahead with them. On the other hand, you may even decide against having them. This is a decision that only you can make. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into either action. It should be your decision and yours alone.