Things You Didn’t Know About Landscaping

Things You Didn’t Know About Landscaping

Most of us like to think we know all there is to know about our properties and how to make them look at their best. However, since landscaping is a multi-faceted beast, there is likely plenty you don’t know about it.

Before you get stuck in, Perth Landscapers Principal Landscapes provide here some background information that may influence how you tackle your perth landscape services going forward.

Landscaping Around Businesses May Reduce Crime

Many business owners find themselves in a very unfortunate situation. Sometimes, upon arriving to work, they realise someone has entered their property without permission and caused a great deal of damage or stole thousands of dollars of goods.

You may never prevent that from happening to your business, but landscaping might be how you reduce the risk. Some studies have shown that professionally landscaped companies are less inviting to criminals.

Some people believe this is because they tend to incorporate lighting to make would-be thieves more at risk of exposure and capture.

Good Soil Provides the Foundation for Exceptional Landscaping

When you see landscapers bringing trailers full of soil to a property for landscaping, you might think that it’s odd. If soil is already present, why add more? After performing soil tests, it’s not uncommon to find that some soil is simply not good enough to help plants thrive.

If homeowners require a specific plant type that thrives in one soil type more than another, new, more nutrient-rich soil may be required.

You Shouldn’t Neglect Drainage

Landscaping experts understand the importance of drainage, but not all DIY landscapers do. A garden might look beautiful in the warmer months of the year, but it can soon become a muddy bog once heavy rain has fallen.

Build up any low areas of your garden with soil to ensure that water doesn’t pool in one place. This can be even more important if your soil type is of the dense clay variety.

Homeowners Don’t Always Think About Maintenance

It might surprise you to learn that when homeowners change their landscaping, not all of them factor in just how maintenance can be required. You might have grand plans of turning most of your lawn into a vegetable garden to save money at the grocery store, but do you have the time to tend to it?

You might also like to install a swimming pool for summer, but do you think you have the capacity for pool cleaning and winterising? Before you go full steam ahead with your landscaping plans, make sure you’ve factored your lifestyle into your design.

Landscapers Cater for All Budgets

Perhaps one of the biggest myths related to landscapers is how much they cost. Some people think they are so out of their price range without having asked for a quote. The truth is, the costs of landscaping in Australia are reflective of your requirements. The larger your yard and the more help you need, the more it can cost.

It can be hard to know everything about landscaping when you’ve never taken on a landscaping project yourself. However, you can learn all there is to know from experts in the industry and even by talking to people at your local garden store. Once you get the project underway, there’s no limit to what you can learn.