Top 3 Reasons You Will Love Having A Concrete Pool

Top 3 Reasons You Will Love Having A Concrete Pool

Suppose the idea of having a concrete pool on your property is one that you are currently debating either within your own mind or with your family. In that case, you may have been trying to think of the positive reasons why you should justify going ahead with it.

We hope you have thought of several of those reasons, but just to make sure, and possibly to highlight some you may not yet have considered, then here are 3 of the top ones which are the benefits of having a concrete pool on your property.

You Have an Almost Unlimited Choice of Designs

Many people have this concept that a concrete pool at home is going to be the same boring rectangular shape as the pool you see at the Olympics. Whilst it can be if you so wish, we hope you want to be more creative than that. In fact, the only limits on the shape, size, and design of your concrete pool are your budget and the area which is available for it to be installed in.

Otherwise, you have a free choice as to how you want your concrete pool to look both in terms of the shape and with regard to the tiling and other aesthetics such as the decking and the landscaping around it.

This means that not only do have a functional swimming pool that you and your family can enjoy swimming in, but you can also have an eye-catching feature on your property depending on how artistic you decide to go with the tiles and other features of the pool.

This can include water features, a slide, and a spa for example, and do not forget there is still the possibility of continuing with your creativity when it comes to the landscape design of the other areas on the outside of your property such as your garden.

They Have Longevity

Other swimming pool types such as those made from fibreglass or with vinyl lining might take less of a chunk out of your bank balance, but that is only in the short term. Over time they may actually cost more as they will most likely need to be replaced two, three, or even more times, over the lifespan of a concrete pool.

By their very nature, concrete swimming pools are built to last, and therefore the issues, and the potential cost of replacing one will be many years, and indeed decades,  down the line.

In addition, thanks to their durability the likelihood of you having major repairs on a concrete pool to contend with is minimal compared to the chances of having to repair pools made from weaker and flimsier materials.

They Add Value To Your Property

There is no escaping the fact that installing a concrete pool is a considerable investment, but it is an investment that should bring you a return. The value of a property that is comparable in size and room numbers with another, but which has a concrete pool, where the other does not, is almost certainly going to mean that its sellable value is significantly higher.

Another advantage with regards to selling a property is that the concrete pool gives you a huge advantage over other house sellers who cannot offer potential buyers the appeal of having a pool on their property. Often it is the fact that property has a concrete pool that is the closing reason why someone decides to buy, meaning you are less likely to be stuck with a property that you cannot sell.