8 Tips to Make Your Pot Plants Look Stunning


Almost everyone likes the look of a garden, even if they don’t like working in one. Many people with no garden fulfil their need for green and living things by having pot plants. The trouble is, not all of these look really stunning. Some look downright shabby while others seem to be struggling for life. So how can you make that show of garden pots and plants look better? Here are some tips.

  • When you look at a pot plant, what do you see? The pot and the plant, right? That means the pot is at least half of what you see so if it is shabby the whole together will be spoiled, no matter how nice the plant is. So before you plant out your pretty azalea or whatever it is, make sure the pot is worthy of it. Spending money on a designer pot is an investment in beauty that will last for many years.
  • Choose a plant to suit the pot. Not all plants are suited for life in a pot. Their root systems are too big and need to expand. It’s hot in a pot, so plants that prefer cool roots won’t be happy. Some pretty pots are also pretty small. Choosing a big plant – or one that will grow big – for a small pot will almost guarantee failure.

  • Place pot and plant in the right position. Does your plant prefer morning sun or afternoon? Does it thrive in shade or sun? If you don’t know, find out because if you don’t put in into the correct position it will not grow well. No matter how fancy the pot is, a failing plant will spoil it.
  • Is the pot sturdy? Light pots are easier to move, but they may also blow over if the plant gets top heavy. This will damage the pot and the plant so it won’t look nice for long.
  • Does the pot shape suit that of the plant? A tall skinny pot and a tall skinny plant do not go well together. Use a rounded plant in a tall pot and a plant with long narrow leaves in a rounded pot.
  • Do other garden pots in the vicinity match in some way? You can match in colour with different sizes, or use the same shapes with different colours when you have a group of pots together.
  • Does the colour of the plant tone or contrast nicely with the pot? A dark pot and a dark plant don’t really make the best of each other. Dark pots show off pretty or lighter colours.
  • Did you use quality potting mix? No plant will grow well unless it has quality fertiliser and growing medium. If it looks pale and jaded this could be why.