How to Add Value to Your Property

How to Add Value to Your Property

Homeowners and landlords would agree that one good way to add value to a property is with landscaping.  If that landscaping also includes the use of beautiful limestone blocks for pavers and stone cladding on feature walls then the value is assured. It can also be used for ornamental and functional garden walls, retaining walls along with outdoor seating and tables.

Using it for garden furniture means you never have to worry about bringing it inside due to bad weather conditions, be that rain, wind, hail or snow. Stone can stand up to those kinds of conditions just as it does when in its natural environment. You might think that seating would be too uncomfortable on a stone bench, but so is any kind of seating without cushions.

The only thing you can do is add some outdoor cushions to the bench. This will also add a pop of colour, enhancing your outdoor setting all the more. While these may have to be brought in due to wind, most outdoor cushions will stand up to a bit of weather.

Your landscaping plans should also include an outdoor area suitable for alfresco meals, with pavers of limestone to ensure your feet don’t get muddy after rain. This can be near to the pool if you have one, so you can have pool parties during the hot summer. The kids will all love them and it will save the house from a lot of wear and tear. It also saves you having to clean up the house afterwards.

There are many ways in which this area can be enhanced to increase aesthetics and appeal. You may want to add a fire pit, or use those limestone blocks to make a built-in ice bucket to keep the drinks cold.  An attractive wall can keep off cold breezes and provide shade as well as defining the area.  Stone cladding on the home may also be admired from this area or incorporated into it.

Adding value to the home does not have to be difficult. It is all about using quality materials that are both beautiful and strong enough to outlast the test of time. Homes built of stone will always outlast other homes. If they also have internal walls of stone, even if they are used as a feature rather than throughout the home, value will certainly be added.

When your home is strong and attractive as well, the quality of your life is improved. You don’t have to worry that the home will fall down in a gale or burn up in a bush-fire. Stone is a material that can outlast both such calamities. Timber burns, glass shatters and breaks with heat, but stone is unaffected when the bushfire passes over it quickly.