The Best Place to Meditate

The Best Place to Meditate

Meditation is a good way to relax, reduce stress levels, stay healthy restore your sanity, especially if life is treating you poorly or you have a very demanding job. In fact, it’s good to do even if you stay home all day coping with toddlers; every parent who does knows exactly how demanding that job can be. Just because it comes with copious amounts of love doesn’t mean it’s not often difficult, especially during teething when you are up half the night.

Where to do it

Everyone should give meditation a try; most will find it helps them to relax at least a little bit. Done properly it can have wider benefits. However, you do need a place to do it that is free from distractions and is comfortable. If you are uncomfortable it will intrude into your inner consciousness and prevent you from meditating properly.

If you can’t find the right place to meditate, create one! This can be as easy as placing a comfortable chair out on the deck where the fresh air and sunshine will help you feel at peace with the world. You can sit there whenever you’ve a spare moment or three and simply relax, or get into other meditation techniques.

Benefits of an outdoor haven

Another place to meditate in is an outdoor haven you create for yourself with plenty of alfresco furniture such as a chaise, chairs, tables and whatever else you feel is needed. Maybe some shade cloth or a decorative garden wall to protect you from the prevailing breeze. Having dedicated outdoor furniture will ensure the place is ready when you are and you won’t have to cart heavy chairs outside and back in.

You will be surrounded by Mother Nature with all those pretty shrubs and flowers that go to make up your outdoor space and garden. The sun will shine on your skin and create lots of Vitamin D to make you healthier and happier and the children will find plenty of games to play outside while you meditate. After you’ve been there for about 15 minutes, move to the shade avoid sunburn.

What else do you need?

Comfortable clothing is an important part of meditation. It needs to be loose and made of natural fibres to help your body breathe more naturally. Manmade fibres often don’t allow the body heat to escape, so you end up perspiring and feeling uncomfortable. This interferes with your focus and concentration.

Have some water handy in case you get thirsty. That will save you getting up and possibly losing the chance to continue your meditation.

Focus on your breathing while you meditate and if you happen to find yourself thinking about some trauma that happened to you, bring your attention back to the rhythm of your breathing.