Who can Have Botox Injections?

Who can Have Botox Injections

While cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections has been traditionally something that only women are interested in, the trend is certainly swinging to include people of both genders. Men are now looking to have their wrinkles removed with Botox, especially if they have a job that puts them into the public eye to any extent.

Just as you see certain males sporting hair styles that include additional colour, the younger men – and sometimes older ones – now realise that looking their best must sometimes include injections of Botox to remove the lines and wrinkles that occur with age – or sometimes with their lifestyle choices or simply their genes. Men who are on television or high up in the sporting world, singers and actors and other high profile people want to show their best face to the camera.

They don’t have to suffer looking older before their time if they get Botox treatment. But it is not only their looks that can be treated with this procedure. Men are known to sweat a lot more than women. Anyone who sweats excessively, such as drenching their shirt with sweat several times a day, can get relief from this unpleasant condition with Botox treatment.  If you have a job where you have to deal with the public such as salesman or even serving coffee, being drenched in sweat is a real turn off for other people. Having it treated means you will always look fresh and have much less BO.

People who are sick may also need Botox treatment. It can be administered to children or adults who have a disease that affects the muscles, certain eye diseases or migraine. The colour of the skin or hair is no barrier to having Botox, unlike some other cosmetic procedures such as laser treatment that doesn’t work on darker skin tones or darker hair. So anyone of any colour or culture can have Botox injections for wrinkles of for other conditions where muscle relaxation is needed.

The only people who may not be good candidates for Botox are aged people with heaps of wrinkles. It might be that too much Botox is required to fix their problem and it might not be safe to have that much. However, seeking the opinion of an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best way to find out. It could be that some other kind of treatment such as a facelift would be more suitable.  It is never too late to improve your looks by smoothing out those wrinkles.

If you care about having wrinkles, you are still young enough to have treatment as long as you are relatively healthy. Having such treatment could well make you feel a lot younger as well as looking younger.